Happy Mother’s Day.

This year (for me) is about embracing real life.

The life of early rising, 
and middle of the night wake-ups,
Sitting in the bathroom while one of
Them decides whether they
Have to throw up
Or not and not furrowing my brow at how I’d rather be asleep,
forgetting to pack gum
For the special “wear what you want and chew gum at school day” and driving to the only gas Station
that doesn’t carry gum –
finally finding gum and
getting back before the school bell #ownedthat,
dirty hair and
Slept in make-up,
watching them try to make pancakes (eating those pancakes😂),
touching my crepey under-eyes
and blessing the laughter and worry they’ve borne.

It’s about redefining glamour
To include:

Pre-brushed teeth kisses at 6:30am.
2000 Pokémon cards in order of type (lightening, fairy, poison, anything-type, grass, water, fire, dark)
Attempted Marie Kondo-style folding that lapses
Into utter chaos.
Apologizing for yelling.
Apologizing again for looking at my phone.
Apologizing for raising my eyebrows
With a stern look.
Smiling because they told me
They didn’t like it
so I could repair.
Forgiving myself for not
Getting it right.
Trying again.


Growing up. Again.